Herb Review: Nettle

You don’t have to go far to come across nettle in early spring on the BC coast. Nettle plants (Urtica dioica) are abundant in damp forests or anywhere that’s been disturbed by humans. Have you seen this green herb before? It’s a beautiful luscious green-leaved perennial plant with opposite, stalked, lanceolate leaves. Along the leaves and stems are tiny stinging hairs that are unforgettable once you’ve been pricked (do you remember this plant now?). Nettle is highly medicinal and a herb all pet parents should know about.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR /  Rickilee Walls MH.

Rickilee Walls is the founder and herbal formulator of Companion Herbals and chief medical herbalist for TGIPT, a supplement based dog treat company in Vancouver BC. A passionate educator, Rickilee enjoys teaching pet parents about herbal medicine and how to make their own herbal remedies for their pet. She is an advocate for the environment discouraging the use of endangered plant species and encouraging sustainable practices.

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