Ayurvedic Wisdom for Fall Health

In the Ayurvedic energetic system (meaning science of life, and one of the oldest systems of holistic medicine) this time of year (fall) is predominately governed by Air + Ether. It is important to know the dominant elements of your pet and of the current season for the following reasons: 

• so you can understand changing health requirements throughout the year 

• understand how to better balance with nutrition, herbs and environment.

Here are some quick tips for fall: 

nutrition: add in more warming foods such as beef, carrots and squash. Think heavy nourishment for the approaching cold. Fish oils are also good. 

Herbs: try adding a little bit of dried or fresh ginger a few times a week in your pets diet. Ashwagandha , chamomile and skullcap are great for calming anxious and anxiety prone pets. 

Environment: this is the time of season when "air like" conditions are most easily thrown off balance for example anxiety. Nourish your dog or cat preventatively with herbs and food. A great combination to try would be our Daily Tonic alongside our Calm + Restore taken daily morning and night.

Have any question about all this? Send us an email, we love to chat pets and health.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR /  Rickilee Walls MH.

Rickilee Walls is the co-founder of Companion Herbals and chief medical herbalist for TGIPT, a supplement based dog treat company in Vancouver BC. A passionate educator, Rickilee enjoys teaching pet parents about herbal medicine and how to make their own herbal remedies for their pet. She is an advocate for the environment discouraging the use of endangered plant species and encouraging sustainable practices.

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