8 Dog Treat Ingredients to Avoid

“But it’s a TREAT, it’s not supposed to be healthy”.

I hear this kind of statement a lot. Yes, dog treats are a special reward given less freely then food but your dog’s treats shouldn’t be creating chronic health problems. Unfortunately, there are many dog treats that contain unhealthy preservatives, fillers and synthetic colourings, which negatively impact your pet’s health. It’s not worth it. A treat can be delicious and tasty and not risk your dog’s health

I don’t suggest removing treats from your pet’s diet but I do recommend you become more conscious of the treats you do purchase by reading product labels. To make this easier for you I’ve compiled a list of risky ingredients to watch out for, what health problems they could create and other names they are disguised as.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR /  Rickilee Walls MH.

Rickilee Walls is the founder and herbal formulator of Companion Herbals and chief medical herbalist for TGIPT, a supplement based dog treat company in Vancouver BC. A passionate educator, Rickilee enjoys teaching pet parents about herbal medicine and how to make their own herbal remedies for their pet. She is an advocate for the environment discouraging the use of endangered plant species and encouraging sustainable practices.

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