4 Herbs that Calm your Pet

So you’ve tried everything?!

…longer walks, dog training classes, different foods, maybe even different treats, but still your left with a very hyper, perhaps anxious, separation anxiety prone pet.

You weren’t wrong to try these different methods, and they likely helped a little. But if this has been going on for a while, it’s time to try a herbal approach.

I’m going to tell you about 4 herbs that will calm your pet right away.

It’s best for your pet to take one or a combination of these herbs consistently for about a month. After, a maintenance dose should be all that’s needed.

Please note: It is healthy for pets to be active and have energy.

What is unhealthy is a pet whose high energy disrupts their quality of life. Examples of this include, separation anxiety, excessive shaking, aggressiveness, loss of appetite, or vomiting.

The following herbs nourish, support, and rebuild the components of your pet’s nervous system. The “side effects” of this is healthy, grounded energy, calm and relaxed character, improved digestion, and better-quality sleep.

Calming the nervous system doesn’t always mean sedation. In this case we are talking about nourishment.

1.     Oat Straw (Avena sativa) – a nourishing nervous system herb especially good for grounding the highly energetic pet without sedation. This herb is best in combination with 1 or more herbs such as skullcap. Oat straw is in our Calm + Restore formula for dogs and cats.

2.     Skullcap (Scuttelaria lateriflora) – For centuries herbalists have used skullcap for nervous system conditions of all kinds. It’s excellent for nervousness, anxiety, and oversensitivity. Skullcap is in our Calm + Restore formula for dogs and cats.

3.     Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) – An amazing herb with so many healing benefits. Chamomile is a nourishing nervine that also supports the digestive system, which for some pets can be the root of their anxiety and nervousness. Chamomile is in our Calm + Restore and Tummy Tamer formulas for dogs and cats.

4.     Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) – A calming nervine, also wonderful for over activity, excitability and to calm the digestive system. Not for use in pregnant or nursing pets or for those animals with hyperthyroid. Lemon balm can be added to a custom formula we make.

You can source these herbs from health food stores or a local herbalist. Be sure that the herb has been kept away from direct light, and still contains some colour.

Herbs are just one piece of your pet’s natural health care plan. Quality food, relaxed living space, moderate exercise and social interaction are all ways to nourish your pet. If you are worried or unsure about your pet health please speak with your veterinarian.

*The information in this post is not meant to replace what your veterinary or doctor has prescribed. Please speak with your holistic veterinarian if you are unsure what herbs are right for your pet.*

ABOUT THE AUTHOR /  Rickilee Walls MH.

Rickilee Walls is the co-founder of Companion Herbals and chief medical herbalist for TGIPT, a supplement based dog treat company in Vancouver BC. A passionate educator, Rickilee enjoys teaching pet parents about herbal medicine and how to make their own herbal remedies for their pet. She is an advocate for the environment discouraging the use of endangered plant species and encouraging sustainable practices.

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