3 Herbs Your Pet Is Asking For, Right Now.

What if your pet could talk?





You would know what they need, when they need it and how much of it to give. You could even explain that Sunday morning walks happen AFTER you sleep in a little.

But you cant. Not entirely at least.

What you can do is assume that like humans, your pet feels better when healthy. You might even assume that your pet believes in preventative health, and that they think taking care of themselves now is crucial in order to reduce the medication and suffering later.

If you could have a conversation with your pet these are the herbs they would be BEGGING to get.

Can you hear the whining?

These are the gentle tonic herbs that will increase quality of life and give you and your pet more play and cuddle time. These are the herbs that could even decrease future vet bills.

(there are a lot of herbs that could fit this category, but for today lets start with 3)

1. Calendula (Calendula officinals) 

A wonderful orange and yellow flower that can be used topically and internally. Calendula can be made into a salve, oil, poultice or as a wash and used for topical skin irritation, fungal infection, wounds, scratches, itching and insect bite. Internally as a infusion (tea) or tincture calendula works as an anti-inflammatory soothing the digestive tract and urinary system. 

2. Burdock (Arctium lappa)  

Burdock walks the line between food and herb. A highly nutritive plant that is a tonic for the liver and gently builds and cleans the blood. The best way for your pet to take this plant is by glycerite or tincture. 

3. Nettle (Utica dioica)

Another nutrient dense plant, nettle adds vitamins and minerals to your pets body when taken internally. Also, nettle is an anti-histamine (decreasing allergy symptoms), and cleanses the blood. The best way to give your pet nettle is by dried herb sprinkled on top of food, as tea or tincture.

Now ask your pet, "does that sound yummy?"



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*The information in this post is not meant to replace what your veterinary or doctor has prescribed. Please speak with your holistic veterinarian if you are unsure what herbs are right for your pet.*


ABOUT THE AUTHOR /  Rickilee Walls MH.

Rickilee Walls is the co-founder of Companion Herbals and chief medical herbalist for TGIPT, a supplement based dog treat company in Vancouver BC. A passionate educator, Rickilee enjoys teaching pet parents about herbal medicine and how to make their own herbal remedies for their pet. She is an advocate for the environment discouraging the use of endangered plant species and encouraging sustainable practices.

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