Our Story

We are dedicated to supporting and improving the health of your pet with expert formulated, high quality herbal supplements.


Medical Herbalist and pet parent Rickilee Walls started Companion Herbals after observing the lack of high quality herbal formulations in the pet industry. At the time Rickilee was a recent herbal medicine graduate, and was frustrated being told painkillers were the only option for her then arthritic Australian shepherd. She began creating herbal formulations for her own pets and after having a lot of success started helping other dogs and cats. Wanting to reach more pets and still frustrated by the quality and formulation of pet supplements in the industry, Rickilee decided to start her own business. Companion Herbals was born.


Since then Companion Herbals has grown to make and sell 5 tasty liquid all-natural herbal supplements. The supplements address a range of pet ailments such as arthritis, allergies, and even preventative daily tonics. All supplements are formulated using a blend of traditional energetics and science based medicine to ultimately improve the health of your dog or cat. 





Herbal supplements come in a variety of forms. At companion Herbals we make herbal glycerites and herbal tinctures. Herbal tinctures are only dispensed in custom formulations as they require specific instructions which are explained during your discussion with the herbalist. Herbal glycerites are a liquid herbal supplement easy to give to your pet. We take organic or wild harvested herbs and use glycerin to extract the medicinal qualities from the plant; once we strain the plant material away we’re left with a tasty, syrup-like consistency full of medicinal benefits that you give to your pet.

Animals have consumed plants as medicine much longer than pharmaceutical medication. There are thousands of studies and clinical cases that demonstrate the positive role herbs play in the health of companion animals.


Plants contain a wide variety of constituents (medicinal molecules) that work together to provide a subtle action in the body. We like to think of the herbs as teachers that reeducate the body to work in a certain way. The results of herbal supplements can be subtler, and may take longer to see. Eventually the supplements are no longer needed and the body works without the use of the herbs (diet and lifestyle must also addressed).


We have created pet herbal supplements that are extremely easy to give to your pet. It is rare to see a pet where compliance is an issue. The best way to give our liquid herbal supplement is by sprinkling the recommended dose for your pet on top of their dry, or wet food. Because the dose is so small the supplement becomes easily hidden within the food.


Every pet is unique and will have a different recovery times depending on their age, weight, breed, health condition etc. In general you can expect to notice some changes within a week, and then as a general rule: 1 month of herbal supplementation for every 1 year your pet has experienced that health condition. During your consultation the herbalist will give you more information regarding the expectation for your pet.

An exception to this rule is with our Calm + Restore and Tummy Tamer formulas. You will notice some results immediately and more with time. You can learn more about specific dosing, and considerations in the product descriptions of each formula.


From formulation, manufacturing to distribution we have taken the time to research the best choices with the least impact on natural resources. Every formula uses only herbs that can be sourced from sustainable, organic and/or wild harvested choices. We are members of United Plant Savers whose mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

We support local business as a way to decrease carbon impact. Education is another passion of ours, and we continue to look for ways to educate you on green alternatives, initiatives, and ways to get involved. We are big believers that if we ‘vote’ green with every purchases and lifestyle choice, we will be encouraging a more sustainable future. If you see an area where we can improve and have an idea please let us know.


About the founder




Rickilee is the medical herbalist and cofounder of Companion Herbals. She completed her herbal training through Pacific Rim College's phytotherapy program and Dominion College's chartered herbalist program with a focus on animal health. During her training she completed over 500 hours of practical clinical training, over 500 hours of biomedical training, and roughly 1200 hours of therapeutic herbalism. Rickilee started Companion Herbals after noticing both the lack of herbal products formulated by herbalists and the lack of environmental consciousness in the pet industry. 

Pets - Australian shepherd named Mrs. Penny and Lucy Lou the cat.